This outdoor feature actually adds value to your home!

According to Outdoor Living Magazine, Fire Pits add a 25% edge to your home over any others in your area! With all the various outdoor features a homeowner could add, this outdoor feature actually adds value to your home. Not only does a fire pit add value to your home but it allows you to enjoy your outdoor space during colder months as well. 

Fire pits come in every shape and size. Picking the right pit for your backyard is pretty simple. The first thing to consider is whether you want a wood burning fire pit or is gas/propane more your style?

Gas and Propane go well if you want to go outside, turn it on and sit down. There is no firewood to worry about and no clean up afterward, whereas, wood burning requires a bit more prep and maintenance. With gas, the fuel connection is fed from the home’s gas line and requires a professional to install. Propane requires that you keep the propane bottle hidden either under the fire pit or a bottle with a hose run to just out of sight.

Wood burning fire pits give the area the real open pit feel. Most people who purchase a wood burning fire pit do so because they want to enjoy the open outdoors feeling that an open pit provides. Watching the embers glow and the sound of the wood as it burns adds a special dimension that gas fire pits can’t provide.

What size pit should I get?

Take your yard size and shape into consideration. What would work best in the area you will use for gatherings? Will it be close to the house or will it be farther out on the property?

Patio Furniture Co offers wood burning and gas/propane fire pits. Contact us if you want tips for your fire pit addition.

Take a look at the Outdoor Living Magazine article for more features that will add value to your home. 

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