With a variety of colors and materials, balcony sets are perfect for the small spaces. In some small spaces the small metal tables and accompanying chairs are the way to go. For a more modern approach try a small dining set. Also, small bistro settings are as inviting  as any deep seating sets, only with a bit more ambiance and perhaps coziness. Picking the right bistro set is fun and rewarding.

For small balconies, start with our Bistro sets. If you have a little more room this set is very comfortable and easy to maintain.  

At Patio Furniture Co, we strive to help the client bring their dream setting into reality. Our extensive selection, yet simple lines of furniture and accessories are the very elements a discriminating buyer can appreciate. From our Teak Patio furniture to our Rattan Dining Sets and everything in between, we bring the simple out in the most attractive settings. Our Modern Patio Furniture is from Indonesia, China, India, Egypt, Northern Africa, Spain, Italy, and right here in the United States.


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