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Inventory is updated daily. Our efforts to be realistic with shipping times requires that you know when something is momentarily out of stock. Check back as stock levels change every day. We have a large selection of modern outdoor furniture for sale. Patio Furniture Co. wants to help you create a backyard oasis to enjoy for hours on end, day after day.

When it’s quality you’re after, price has little to do with it. But when it’s PRICE AND QUALITY, PFC has everything to do with it. From industry-leading Sunbrella® fabrics to our Genuine Teak Wood and our two-tone Wicker Rattan, our company has what you’re looking for in Quality Modern Outdoor Furniture.

Patio Furniture Co. is proud to offer free shipping on all of our modern and excellent items for sale. What are you waiting for? Click on the furniture piece of your choice and read more about its amazing value!