Buying Patio Furniture Online can be a lot of fun – and a lot less of a chore than driving all over to find what you are looking for.

When I buy anything online I will research it. It’s a lot faster and a lot more convenient to shop online. When shopping online you want to learn about a product and you’ll spend enough time on it until you feel that you have found what you are looking for: good pricing, the right company, and when you make your purchase you want to believe it will go well.

Some people will shop at the local big box store and make decisions based on their experience there, and that’s all good, except you aren’t going to see everything that is available, or even a fraction. Then after all the driving around they’ll go home and get on the computer to check things out.

Here is what you get if you shop for patio furniture online at Patio Furniture Co, LLC:

1. Convenience.

2. Personal Service. Have a question, let’s chat!

3. No delivery fees. On orders over $99 your items are shipped FREE right to your door.

4. No sales tax on orders outside Texas.

Buying patio furniture online is where you get the best selection and the best bang for your buck. is dedicated to providing our clients with the best shopping experience without having to leave the house. We hold on to the belief that we work for our clients, not for the manufactures like so many other furniture companies do. That means, yes, you placed the order – and no, you are not alone.

Our Contact Us page is also for your designer to get us on board with your project – (And we do discounts for certified designers!).


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