Does cold weather keep you from enjoying your patio? You may want to consider a sunroom. With the right type of sunroom you could extend the amount of time you spend in your patio into the colder months and during inclement weather. In fact, there are many good reasons for adding a sunroom to your patio remodel plans.

#1 A quality sunroom adds value to your home. With the right heating for the winter months it will increase your total heated square footage thus adding value.

#2 All year round you’ll be able to entertain friends and family during inclement weather. Windy, rainy or snowy days, no problem!

#3 On those warmer days and nights, open the windows and still enjoy the great outdoors.

#4 The additional room provides a great place to exercise.

#5 The kids can do sleepovers in the sunroom.

#6 Hot Tub!

“How you enjoy your sunroom is up to your own imagination.”

There are two or three ways you could go about adding a sunroom to your home.

One way would be to ADD ON the sunroom to a part of your house. In this case you would hire a sunroom company to pour the cement and build the sunroom on the cement pad. This sunroom would include the roof, walls, doors and electric. In this scenario expect to spend $15,000 – $35,000 or more.

If you have an existing covered patio, you may consider doing an ENCLOSURE. In this case your contractor will insulate the ceiling, and install the walls. Putting up sunroom walls under your existing covered patio is a good way to go. An enclosure will run between $8,000 and $15,000 or more.

A third way would be a combination of the first two options: Building onto your home utilizing your covered patio as a part of the room and extending the room beyond the covered portion. This is another very effective way to expand your living space and enjoy your patio year round.

Be picky about the sunroom company you go with. Quality adds value. There are a lot of sunroom companies out there, but the truth is the sunrooms on the market today are not all of the best quality, so no matter what the salesperson claims, get more than one estimate.

When you interview sunroom companies, what you want to look for is a stable company with years in the business, happy customers and good references. From there you are looking for good insulation, warranty and quality of the building materials. Make sure the sunroom company installers are licensed and bonded. If you develop a leak in the next few years you want to be sure they will still be in business.

Best advice: Do your research.

I’ve personally sold a lot of sunrooms and the one that provides the most insulation and value is the TEMO Sunroom. Visit our friends at TEMO, the sunroom people.

The point is to get more out of your patio space. Enjoying your patio year round is one of the many reasons to consider a sunroom. Click here for more ideas on enjoying your outdoor space year-round.

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