Have you ever moved your chair to avoid that peeking ray of sun coming in at just the wrong spot? What good is it to own the most beautiful deep seating set and not be able to enjoy it because of the glaring sun?

Picking the right umbrella is one area that needs attention, just as much as any other. The idea is to cover the area based on the direction of the sun and it’s path in relation to your seating.

When we see a beautiful patio setting with all the right furniture and accessories, but then there’s the cheapest looking umbrella, or one that’s too small sitting there, it just doesn’t work.

Choosing the right umbrella doesn’t have to be complicated, but be sure you consider the right umbrellas in your search. Decide on what width you need. What is too big for your patio? Which ones are too little? How do you know the right type? Do you need a Market Umbrella or do you need the utility of a Cantilever Umbrella? Another important point is will you be moving your umbrella from spot to spot, or will it stay put in one place? Should you go elegant, or should your umbrella be simple. Should your umbrella be fun or should your patio umbrella project a simpler design? The rule of thumb is to pick the umbrella that both compliments the area and provides shade when you need it. And, the trick is to pick an umbrella that is big enough but easy enough to use without a major undertaking to open.

At Patio Furniture Co, you’ll find the perfect umbrella to compliment your patio setting.


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