How to Buy an Outdoor Patio Set

7 Piece Outdoor Patio Sunbrella® Sectional Set Armchair in Gray Beige EEI-2400
Rattan Armchair, part of our 7 Piece Outdoor Patio Sunbrella® Sectional Set in Gray Beige EEI-2400

When it comes to outdoor patio furniture, there’s a wide array of products and manufacturers out there to research. Consider the importance of getting the right set for your patio, after all, your new outdoor patio set will be the center of attention in your patio area for years to come.

There are a few things to look for in buying quality patio furniture. One glaring truth in patio furniture is the right patio furniture set needs to hold up in the weather and keep its new look season after season.

Not only that, but your new set needs to fit the area it is intended for. Buying a large sectional in a small space is not always the best idea. Sectionals are, however, very easy to reconfigure for different arrangements, but too much furniture in an area is never good. I often suggest buying a 5 piece set, for example, and then add to it after you have lived with it for a while.

When it comes to selection on the internet, there are many manufacturers of outdoor patio furniture and the price ranges are all over the place.

The highest quality outdoor patio sets aren’t always the most expensive. With a little effort you can find some great deals on the internet. Doing your research is important. Beware of low price advertisements that will often come with hidden shipping and handling fees.

Look for the highest quality materials, such as the cushions. The cushions on a quality outdoor patio set will look great when they’re new and they’ll keep their form and color over the years, whereas, a cheaper, lower priced set will come with cushions that do not hold up well, and before long you’ll be replacing or recovering your cushions. My favorite fabric for an outdoor patio set is Sunbrella® fabrics. The warranty is iron clad and the fabrics hold their color for years.

Wicker Rattan Ottoman with Sunbrella® cushions
Wicker Rattan Ottoman with Sunbrella® cushions

Another material to look for is powder coated frames. Powder coating an aluminum or steel frame is a process in which a protective coating is added to the frame to prevent rusting and aging. Many rattan manufacturers skip the added expense of having the framework powder coated and, as a result, the furniture cost is less, but having powder coated frames will make a difference in the life of the furniture.

Buying a wood or teak patio set offers other challenges. Be sure the wood is solid teak wood. A quality teak patio set will survive the elements with little maintenance, but on the other hand, an imitation teak, such as acacia wood, will need painting, or staining and refinishing regularly. Solid Teak will not need refinishing. Normally, solid teak patio furniture will require a coat of mineral oil about once a year and that’s it.

My favorite patio furniture manufacturer is Modway. Modway offers the highest quality patio furniture on the market. They do the powder coated frames on their rattan and aluminum, and they offer a number of patio furniture sets with industry-leading Sunbrella® cushions.

How to buy outdoor patio furniture can be summed up this way: Do your research. Don’t pay for cheap cushions. Don’t pay for shoddy materials. And, don’t pay for shipping.