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When it comes to creating an outdoor living space there are some basic things to consider. Whether you are remodeling your patio area or buying a new home with a patio, the number 1 mistake people make is they fail to put the outdoor furnishings in the budget. If you have a patio that is not furnished in the right way, it won’t be useful, and you won’t be utilizing the most popular part of the home.

And when it comes to remodeling and landscaping, people spend way too much on some patio features and not enough on others. Why? It’s a common error. The contractor has put together all the details you wanted in your patio design and you settle on a plan you can afford and once the patio is complete you don’t have the money to buy furnishings. And it does happen. They’ll spend their money on all the landscaping and decking but fail to budget for the furnishings. I’ve seen this a thousand times (ok, maybe not a thousand!).

The problem is if the patio isn’t user friendly, then it’s just not worth it. When you buy or redesign your patio it needs to be a Living Space that you will use. To make it user friendly think about how you will use it. Budget for and spend the extra money it takes to do it right. Think of it this way, you wouldn’t remodel your kitchen and put an undersized fridge in.

Or maybe you would. But for sure, if you don’t budget your patio furnishings you won’t enjoy it like you would if you did it right.

“…if you don’t budget your patio furnishings you won’t enjoy it like you would if you did it right.” – Mason Thompson, Designer

Another important reason to budget for patio furniture, something a lot of people do not realize, is that the home value increases when you do a patio, and putting the right patio furniture in place puts the exclamation point on the whole setting. When someone is looking at your home to buy, you want to help them envision their evenings after work relaxing and having dinner out on the patio. There is no doubt about it, creating the vacation atmosphere helps to sell the house. It makes a lot of difference in the presentation of the home and the feel. It literally draws the buyer in by giving them a mental picture of themselves enjoying their new home with their friends over, out on the patio. Without patio furniture the patio may still look good, but it’s not nearly as inviting to the buyer.

Patio Furniture for the Art of It!

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