How to Buy an Outdoor Patio Set

3 Piece Patio Wicker Rattan SUNBRELLA® Sectional Set in Canvas Antique Beige

How to Buy Patio Furniture

5 Reasons Hanging Chairs Are a Must

White Rattan Hanging Chair with Orange Cushion

Who doesn’t love a hanging chair? I mean, have you seen the latest trends and styles the market has to offer? Owning one is like placing a beautiful sculpture casually in your home in the most unexpected ways. A variety of style preferences are readily available to choose from, but beyond the aesthetics of a […]

7 Reasons Vacations are Better at Home

3 Piece Outdoor Patio Premium Grade A Teak Wood Set EEI-3630

Experts agree, staycations are more beneficial than vacations and here’s why. There is no argument that vacations are beneficial in many ways. But the simple truth is, Americans in general don’t take advantage of the opportunities often-time leaving unpaid vacation days on the books. We’re just too busy getting everything done each and every week […]

Is a Sunroom Right for You?

Temo Sunroom Enclosure

Does cold weather keep you from enjoying your patio? You may want to consider a sunroom. With the right type of sunroom you could extend the amount of time you spend in your patio into the colder months and during inclement weather. In fact, there are many good reasons for adding a sunroom to your […]

Your Patio Furniture Arrived! (What to Expect When You Order Online)

3 Piece Patio Wicker Rattan SUNBRELLA® Sectional Set in Canvas Antique Beige

Of all the online shopping that you can do furniture is one of the biggest purchases you can make, size wise. In terms of savings and bargains, furniture is also one of the best buys you will find on the internet. Patio Furniture is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States with […]

Top 5 Outdoor Kitchen Dos and Don’ts

Outdoor Kitchen Dos and Don'ts

Outdoor Kitchens are an extension of our indoor kitchens just as patio furnishings have become an extension of our living rooms. Not so long ago outdoor kitchens were only for the wealthy. Not the case, anymore – The outdoor kitchen industry is booming. And why? More and more families are staying at home for vacation […]

When Does Autumn Start, And Why You Need to Know

Autumn in Italy

Why is it called “Fall”? The French call it “Autompne” which is a feminine given name, meaning “Fall” or “Autumn” and it began the period of the Harvest when storing food before Winter was the main community function. Autumn is the period of transition from Summer to Winter and celebrated as the Harvest and that […]

What Patio Furniture Materials Hold Up Best?

There are different types of wood, metal, cloth fabrics and plastics. But what patio furniture material is best for outdoor use? Let’s start with wood. Teak Patio Furniture is the most sought after wood for outdoor use because it resists rotting, mold and insects. Teak comes from all over the world, primarily Indonesia and Southeast […]

This Outdoor Feature Actually Adds Value to Your Home

Patriot Steel Fire Pit

This outdoor feature actually adds value to your home! According to Outdoor Living Magazine, Fire Pits add a 25% edge to your home over any others in your area! With all the various outdoor features a homeowner could add, this outdoor feature actually adds value to your home. Not only does a fire pit add […]