Experts agree, staycations are more beneficial than vacations and here’s why.

There is no argument that vacations are beneficial in many ways. But the simple truth is, Americans in general don’t take advantage of the opportunities often-time leaving unpaid vacation days on the books. We’re just too busy getting everything done each and every week to take the time to go on vacation. Not only that but it’s expensive to pay for transportation and hotel accommodations.

The stress of it all. The planning, the saving up, the budgeting, all of it. It’s a lot of stress to travel away. Occasionally, it’s a good thing to do some traveling. But the issue is that somehow we got it into our heads that we should go away every vacation time. Not so fast.

Plan on de-stressing and just stay home!

Agreed that Americans needs to take time off, but do we need to add to the stress by leaving home and spending our hard-earned cash traveling?

We have to plan for our time of and take it! Around the globe other cultures take the time off to recharge. We Americans are the least vacationing culture in the free world. Why? I think it’s because we try too hard to have a good time. We feel that we have to climb a volcano and take selfies to prove to the rest of the world that we are having fun. Staycation is the answer. It’s easier to plan and it’s a lot less stress.


There are seven good reasons to stay at home for time off rather than traveling all over.

  1. Save Money! And while I’m at it I’ll add that saving money saves me from a ton of stress.
  2. No Packing! (And no forgetting to pack something and then paying too much for it on the road.) And No luggage to haul around!
  3. You Don’t Need a Pet Sitter! Or house sitter, or plant sitter!
  4. Your House is More Comfortable than a Hotel!
  5. No Jet-Lag!
  6. Go to your Favorite Dining Spots and Take Your Time!
  7. With all the money you saved you can enjoy the new patio furniture you purchased! (And enjoy it every day, not just for a week!)

With that said, it just makes more sense to rest and relax without all the stress that comes with traveling. The airports (ugh), the hotels (ugh, ugh), and the money (GULP!)!

Americans need to take some time off to enjoy the fruits of our labors. Have some friends over and do some outdoor cooking!

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