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With all the patio furniture available today, and a world of patio accessories at our fingertips, we can create an environment that will become another family gathering area; a beautiful and inviting extension of the home. When we plan our backyard we want it to make us feel like we are on vacation. Or at least, that’s the idea.

People all over the world are spending more money on their patios than they are on going on actual vacations. And the reason? The patio is the space you will enjoy, not for just a few days, but for years. That’s why it is so important to buy quality patio furniture and accessories. You get what you pay for in this business and if you spend your money right you’ll enjoy your furniture for many years.

“When planning your backyard vacation spot, there are three main areas to deal with…”

First, think about having a Comfortable Area to sit in. That alone can involve a multitude of decisions, but simply put, get the highest quality seating you can afford, because it will be around a while. Finding adequate seating is the most important part when planning your backyard.  It needs to be big enough for everyone to sit comfortably and it also has to be durable to hold up to the outdoor elements.

Which brings me to the next area to consider.

The Table. Without a table you are basically eating in your lap! When picking a table and chairs consider the space and the look you are going for. There are wood, teak wood, metal, plastic and various rattan and wicker sets to pick from. Teak wood is especially good for the outside patio because it stands up to the elements for years without finishing or staining.

And third, you want your Serving Area to be useful and functional. The grill has to be big enough to cook for your company when you have guests over, yet small enough that it won’t over power the back yard space. Your cabinetry needs to be adequate for storing everything you need to serve your guests – you don’t want to be going in and out of the house while your guests are sitting in your backyard!

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