Outdoor Patio Swing Chair Without Stand in Red EEI-2279
Outdoor Patio Swing Chair With Stand in Red EEI-2279

Who doesn’t love a hanging chair? I mean, have you seen the latest trends and styles the market has to offer? Owning one, is like placing a beautiful sculpture casually in your home in the most unexpected ways for admiration. A variety of style preferences are readily available for us to choose from, but beyond the aesthetics of a hanging chair, from time to time offer many other soothing benefits that we can all enjoy from these beautiful chairs. Now, I’m sure you can’t help but think you could only place a hanging chair outdoors. With spring right around the corner, of course you would want to enjoy the outdoors more with one of these beauties in mind; you’d want to enjoy all the beautiful new blooms spring brings. However, I am going to give you 5 good reasons why hanging chairs are a must. Here is how you too can incorporate them in practically any space you’d like in your home.


Who knew you would eventually bring in a piece of furniture indoors that was intended for outdoor usage long ago. Well, it’s now more possible than ever to do so with so many indoor options now available to us. Incorporating a hanging chair can add an interesting element of surprise for your guest. It brings interest to yet a boring space when careful space planning is considered. If you have the space for it, add it in a small nook somewhere in your living room. If you are a person who loves to entertain, then the hanging chair becomes the ideal furniture piece that spruces things up for casual seating when entertaining your guest in your home. Keeping style preferences in mind, if you like the idea of bringing comfort to welcome your guest to lounge around in your living room in one of these floating chairs, then a hanging chair is right for you.


Swing your stress away with one of these hanging chairs in the comfort of your own bedroom as a small retreat. Instead of the usual seating areas most of us are accustomed to in our bedrooms, treat yourself with a hanging chair to enjoy your evenings. To make this space even that much cozier and special, add a few accessories such as a faux fur throw and a few soft plush pillows using cruelty-free alternatives such as synthetic down to curl up your feet when temperatures drop low. Still unsure? Why not try a hanging chair unit that is suspended from a support frame before investing in permanently suspending it from your ceiling if undecided where exactly you would like to incorporate yours.

Outdoor Patio Swing Chair Without Stand in Black Mocha EEI-2657
Outdoor Patio Swing Chair Without Stand in Black Mocha EEI-2657


What better gift to give your child than a hanging chair for their room to enjoy? They are especially so much more fun in a playroom. Soon, you will realize that the hanging chair becomes the dream gift considering the benefits it provides for development of the motor skills for the different stages of a growing child. Most importantly, a gift to parents considering how beneficial they can be for children with sensory imbalances. Did you know that swinging chairs are used for therapy sessions for children with Autism? It’s true! Studies found that children between the ages of 4 to 8, improved coordination of motor skills significantly when adding sensory integration for therapy over a 10-week period. More reason to want to incorporate a hanging chair in your kids’ room since it has the ability to promote new learning skills without causing over stimulation. The hanging chair, quickly becomes a child’s favorite and personal space when encouraged to sit back and relax with a book for reading time. Now, who wouldn’t want that!


Hanging a chair in the nursery would probably be the last thing on your mind, but you’d be surprised to find some who have successfully implemented a hanging chair in their nursery to swaddle their new little bundle of joy. It can be a rewarding space where you and your loved ones can bond with your newborn in a different setting yet inspiring way. It’s definitely a conversation starter! Just think how wonderful it would be to sit back and relax in this soothing chair with it’s gentle back, forth, and side to side movement to swaddle your baby. It is definitely a spot that can trigger bringing the inner child in us for the moment that can be magical.


Like so many of us in today’s day in age have an office and work from home. Why not dare to add some flare to a yet formal setting to brighten up your workday by incorporating a hanging chair. Depending on your aesthetics, if you’d prefer a modern look, go with an acrylic form with a few accessories to soften up the space. For a more casual look, choose one made of natural fibers to do the trick; throw in a few accessories such as throws and pillows, and a “faux leather” poof in a neutral color to prop your feet up if and when needed. We all need a break from time to time, and what better treat than a hanging chair in your office. You could replace your desk chair for a more informal way of workflow, but I’d prefer it tucked away in a small corner for a quick seating getaway.

So, why not give one a try? You will then see why they are a must have. Sooner than later you too will be coveting one for your home. Don’t forget to let us know what your experience was with one. In the meantime, head on over to www.VeganDesign.org Shop to check out some of the great hanging chair options now available.

Reprinted with permission from VeganDesigns.org

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Outdoor Patio Swing Chair Without Stand EEI-2654
Outdoor Patio Swing Chair Without Stand EEI-2654